Friday, November 16, 2012

Halloween Time!

We had a great time during Halloween this year - it started with a neighborhood party on Saturday, followed by a carnival and trunk or treat at the college on Tuesday, a costume parade at the elementary school on Wednesday afternoon, and then trick or treating around the neighborhood Wednesday night.  

Let's just say there's been no shortage of candy at the Beatty residence for a couple of weeks.

Here is Mathison's costume:

I love the mischievous smile on his face in this photo!  I wanted to use more paint on his face, but with his sensory issues this was as good as it was going to get :)

I told Jefferson that he'd officially outgrown trick or treating...that is, unless he wanted to take his brother around the neighborhood.  A few months ago, I found an adult clown costume at the DI which was an exact match to the child-sized one we'd had for over 10 years...what are the chances of that happening?  Of course, Jefferson would never turn down an opportunity for candy so he agreed to dress up:

The two of them got a lot of smiles from the neighbors; Jefferson can be such a good sport with his little brother!

We also carved some pumpkins the night before Halloween.  Mathison decided to draw on his  pumpkin instead, and this is what he came up with:

That's a black widow spider on the top, with the word "BOO" framed with bones.  I think he did a great job; he seems like quite the artistic little guy!


The Andra Family said...

Crazy costume story! Mat's pumpkin looks great.

Matt, Kim and Barrick said...

Those boys look so cute in their matching clown outfits! I want one now! Jeff seems like a great older brother. All your kids appear to be good older siblings to the younger ones.